Yours to seize

A short distance from the effervescence of central Moka, at the foot of the majestic Pieter Both, a brighter tomorrow starts taking shape… in l’Avenir.

Why Moka?

Moka Smart City’s new precinct, L’Avenir, stands opposite the Pieter Both Mountain and the beautiful Moka range. It is well-connected to the rest of Mauritius through the M3 motorway (Terre Rouge/Verdun/Ebene) and the B49 road from Saint Pierre.

L'Avenir Precinct

Commercial land

L’Avenir’s second phase offers 20 serviced freehold plots of land, in a safe and secure precinct, surrounded by vast green expanses.

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Residential Offers

With the iconic Moka Mountain Range in the background, the first residential development in the l’Avenir neighbourhood provides an attractive frontage to La Promenade.

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A precinct that has much to offer

When moving to L’Avenir, you can expect to enjoy a well-managed environment with all the advantages of Moka Smart City.

A well-though-out masterplan
A strategic location
Attractive Return on Investment
Smart City Scheme certified

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L’Avenir extends over 130 arpents and is positioned as a mixed-use precinct, with a commercial and business area as well as a separate residential part.

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